Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Building a solution involving machine learning and deep learning is much more than the model. It is a complex mix of data structures, model training, model integration and architecture. We engage in end-to-end delivery of a machine learning and deep learning solution tailored to bring product features to life.


Predictive Modeling

The ever-increasing volume and types of data coupled with the interest to derive valuable insights to optimise operations, reduce risks, and increase revenue are encouraging organisations across the industries to use predictive analytics. By using advanced analytics like statistical algorithms, text analytics, machine learning, predictive modelling, real-time scoring, and data mining – organizations are anticipating future trends and customer preferences to take strategic business decisions. We help you increase your competitive advantage using predictive analytics. Detect fraud, reduce business risk, optimise your marketing campaigns, or improve operations using our predictive analytics solutions.

Computer Vision

Computer vision has the potential to solve many social, political, economic and industry issues. With advances in multi-lingual speech recognition, machine vision, and rules-based decision engines, it has become easier for enterprises to draw inferences using real-time streams of image and video content. We empower organizations to develop comprehensive security capabilities using video. Take advantage of our advanced search and facial recognition analytics to find relevant images and critical information across multiple video files from various camera types. Uncover insights and patterns by extracting information from captured video and improve your ROI.

Natural Language Processing

With an unprecedented increase in the amount of text data being generated on the web, businesses have a need to make sense of it. Text analytics can help you uncover patterns and themes from the unstructured text like emails, tweets, social media platforms, blogs, survey results, or online reviews to provide valuable insights about your customers. Moreover, by combining text analytics with advanced analytics and machine learning, you can predict the sentiment trend. We derive meaning out of unstructured text data to help you gain new customer insight or determine sentiment about products and services.

Recommendation Engine

With the rise of the internet, recommendation engines play a crucial role in customer engagement and retention. Businesses need to understand the requirements and preferences of a customer or viewer without asking multiple annoying questions. To personalise the experience for customers, businesses are using sophisticated analytics to analyze historical buying behaviour and make real-time recommendations. We help you grab users’ attention amidst information and data overload. Our recommendation engines collect, store, analyse, and filter huge amount of data to provide your customers with personalised suggestions on additional products or services.


A Chatbot is a service, leveraging artificial intelligence technologies that you interact with via a chat interface. While a Chatbot can be functional and solve business problems without the need for human intervention, it can also engage and retain site visitors. An engaged site visitor is more likely to convert into any purchasing activity. We create custom chatbots for Startups, SMEs and Enterprises based on their preferences. Chatbots can reach out to more customers, improve engagement and boost your sales.


Optimisation algorithms are the foundation of modern-day machine learning. We strive to use these fundamental algorithms to deliver solutions to problems involving allocation, balancing, routing. Energy Optimisation is much needed which we can provide.