3D animation and digital effects are a dominant of today’s video world, so it only makes sense as a leader among animated film production companies that we deliver the same quality capabilities to your industry. Whether you’re looking for animated promotional video production or a simple 3D motion graphic video, the BMIT Solutions Ltd.’s animation team can do it for you with ease and affordability.

Animated films aren’t just for kids anymore — now, they're essential tools anyone can use for training and marketing videos alike. At BMIT Solutions Ltd. , we know how much video animation can do to convey an idea or polish a film.

Our video animation team has developed a wide range of 3D animated video productions designed to stand on their own or blend seamlessly with your next marketing, training or promotional video.

We make things spin, fly, dazzle, and dance. We transform simple drawings into vivid experiences. And make the ordinary look extraordinary. We have competency and a dedicated animation lab to deliver 2D and 3D graphics and motion.

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