Automate your VAT Returns

A Complete VAT Solution for the VAT & SD Act 2012, VAT Rules 2016. We implement BMIT VAT software within 15 days.

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Cross Industry Support

BMIT VAT, the VAT solution to a wide spectrum of industries.


Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Company uses raw materials, parts, and components to assemble finished goods.


Trading Company

Works as an agent connecting buyers and sellers without having any involvement in the ownership or manufacturing of the product sold.


Service Provider Company

Caters to service related businesses such as banking, consulting, insurance, treatment, education etc.

API Integration Supported

BMIT VAT supports direct entry, file import and API integration.

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Get real time updated anytime

BMIT VAT ensures Real Time Data with Accurate Reporting from anywhere, at any time.

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You can get all the necessary reports generated from our system

  • Taxpayer's detailed information (Mushak 2.1)
  • Taxpayer's brief information (Mushak 2.3)
  • Input & Output Coefficient (Mushak 4.3)
  • Disposal unused items (Mushak 4.4)
  • Damage items disposal (Mushak 4.5)
  • Purchase register (Mushak 6.1)
  • Sales Book/ Register (Mushak 6.2)
  • Sales And Purchase Book (Mushak 6.2.1 )
  • VAT Challan / Service Bill (Mushak 6.3 )
  • VAT Challan For Contractual Production (Mushak 6.4)
  • Transfer Challan / Stock Transfer Challan (Mushak 6.5)
  • VDS (VAT Deducted At Source) Certificate (Mushak 6.6)
  • Credit Note (Mushak 6.7)
  • Debit Note (Mushak 6.8)
  • Turnover Tax Challan Patra (Mushak 6.9)
  • Sales Purchase Over 2 Lac (Mushak 6.10)
  • VAT Return (Mushak 9.1)

Why Choose BMIT VAT

BMIT VAT, a complete VAT Management software developed by BMIT Solutions Ltd. as per the rules of National Board of Revenue (NBR) Bangladesh, also approved by the authority. BMIT VAT software follows the NBR Guideline fully compliant with VAT & SD Act 2012, as of GO-16/VAT/2019.

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Highly Secure
  • Paperless Solution
  • API Integration
  • Platform Independent
  • User Friendly
  • Better Product Tracking
  • Cloud & On Premise Solution
  • Stay Updated on Changes in NBR Law
  • Supplier & Customer Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Management
  • Sales Management
  • Reporting Module
  • Employee Management
  • Debit/ Credit Note Management
  • VAT Return Submission

Modules of BMIT VAT

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Item Setup with HS-CODE, Item Setup with Category, Measurement Units, Stock Transfer (Mushak- 6.5) , To Production, Stock update , Configuration Input Output Coefficient (Mushak -4.3), Stock Summary , Stock Report, Stock Analysis


Supplier with Detail Information, Local Purchase, Foreign Purchase (Import), Service Purchase (Local & Import), Service Purchase Invoice, Purchase Invoice (Local & Import), Purchase Register (Mushak - 6.1), Purchase Return, Debit Note (Mushak - 6.8), Purchase Report, Purchase More Than Two Lac(Mushak - 6.10), Purchase Analysis


Customer with detail information, Local Sales, Foreign Sales (E port), Service Sales (Local & Export), Service Sales Invoice (Mushak - 6.3), Service Sales & Purchase Report, Service Sales & Purchase Analysis, Sales Invoice (Local & Export) (Mushak-6.3), Sales Register (Mushak - 6.2), Sales Return, Credit Note (Mushak - 6.7), Sales Report, Sales Analysis


Ledger, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Treasury Challan, VDS (Mushak - 6.6), VAT Return (Mushak - 9.1), Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Report Analysis


Our Work Process

Our main focus is on dedicated client relationships and data security.

work process
  • Step 1

    Requirements Analysis

    The process of determining user expectations for a new or modified software.

  • Step 2

    Dashboard Customization

    A custom dashboard enables you to display a specific set of metrics and data points on one screen.

  • Step 3

    Unit & Acceptance Testing

    Unit & Acceptance testing is the final levels of testing on successful completion of the application.

  • Step 4

    Deliver the Final Product

    After successfully completing the acceptance testing, we deliver the final software.

Deployment Models


Cloud Solution

On-Premise Solution


What They Say About Us

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BMIT VAT follows NBR guidelines accurately

We're very pleased with BMIT VAT Management Software. The software follows NBR guidelines to the core and has excellent features. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. We are able to achieve our goal on time and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Tanvir Chowdhury
Proprietor, Global Marketing Services
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Highly-secured and professional service

We have worked with BMIT Solutions Ltd. on various projects and find that they provide quality and professional service. The VAT software is cloud based which is highly secured. We appreciate their efforts and continuation of progress.

Brig Gen Md Iqbal Akhter Mian
CEO, Papiro Ltd.
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Played a vital role to automate our business

BMIT VAT has played a vital role to automate our business since 2021 by providing VAT solution, which is specially designed and developed for handling the process of inventory, purchase, sales and reports management. I would not hesitate to recommend BMIT VAT to anyone.

Engr. Fatema Moksud
Deputy General Manager, Arrow Technology Ltd.
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Highly experienced team

BMIT Solutions Ltd. has a highly experienced VAT Software team, their support and continued feedback during the customization allowed us to keep track of the work.

Mohammad Nazmul Huq
Managing Director, Vicar Electricals Ltd.
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Error-free Software

When our employers execute the VAT & tax return process, there’s always a chance of mistakes. But the BMIT VAT software keeps the return process error-free and automated. I'm very impressed by the quality of the team working on our project. Thank you.

Md. Jahanghir Alam
Proprietor, SQ Trading & engineering
testimonial author NBR Enlisted Certificate


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why companies need VAT Management Software?

Businesses having annual turnover or sales worth Tk 5 crore or more will have to use specialised software specified by the National Board of Revenue to maintain records of sales and other transactions involving value-added tax.

2.What is BMIT VAT Software implementation method?

We can manage your previous data and direct input into the VAT System and write it into online files. Data can be entered manually or we can use your database into the system to run the system smoothly.

3. Why is it important to provide accurate and timely reports?

Processed your financial reports accurately with easy access to our VAT process. Access and review your all Audits, reports of the financial records easily.