Joybangla Live TV

We are working on a Live TV called “JoyBangla Live”. We will telecast the important events around Bangladesh. The main goal of our Live TV is we want to spread the original news and stop the yellow journalism.



The most promising application in Dhaka now. Everyone living in Dhaka knows about the situation of traffic system in Dhaka. Rakho is a reliable and affordable parking share application which utilize the empty parking space available throughout the day. Rakho is an android app which ensures secure parking of your vehicle. This user friendly app will help you to park your vehicle safely, easily and quickly. Rakho will provide a reliable environment where you can search for your nearby affordable parking places easily.

Nowadays it is common to park vehicles by the side of the road because people doesn’t know about nearby secure parking places. This creates a huge traffic jam for which people suffers a lot. But if you know a safe parking place through the Rakho app then you will not park your vehicle by the side of the road. So traffic jam will be reduced and you will not be tensed for your vehicle anymore. You can book your nearby parking place through Rakho app and contact with the owner of the parking spot. So Rakho made the parking process as easy as possible.



Bhromon the app which provides the best rent a car booking service.  Nowadays people are more interested in travelling to get rid of their monotonous life. But booking a suitable rent a car is still quite hard. In this era of digitalization we thought of solving this problem using our smartphones which is now the most common technology. Bhromon app allows users to see nearby rent a car services, call or message them and book them easily. The app can also be used in offline so users can see the rent a cars information anytime anywhere. The goal of the project is to develop an environment where people can easily book rent a car and travel happily.