Information Security

BMIT Solutions Ltd. have also a good experience with Govt. agencies security solution. We have planned the tracking lab application by using MIM (Man in Middle) theory by using IMEI Phone number. We have also works at Ministry of ICT as a Security IT support for Cyber Defence.

Cyber Security

Your information and assets are valuable and the threats to them are constant, which poses a risk to your entire business. BMIT Solutions Ltd. provides a unique combination of enterprise risk management, security program delivery and crisis response expertise to help secure your information and protect your business.

BMIT Solutions Ltd. is a IT Security firm. It is working against cyber- crime and trying to fix information security to keep secure data of government or non-government organizations. BMIT Solutions Ltd. fix server security, network security, data security, website and web application security, software security. We are also working with government to catch cyber-criminal using our com- putter forensic knowledge.