Blockchain transactions are publicly visible, and in spite of pseudo-anonymity, these transactions can be traced on Ethereum and Bitcoin. With the help of cryptographic techniques, we can preserve transaction privacy, making it untraceable.

Asset Tokenization & Stable coins

Although cryptocurrencies are promising, they suffer from risks of high volatility in valuation. Fiat backed stable coins are gaining traction as they minimise the risks. However, Stable coins come with implementation challenges of integration with banks, transactions atomic etc. We engage in building end-to-end blockchain solutions that address these complexities.


Transaction Scalability

Blockchain’s security, decentralization and scalability trilemma is well known. Based on our experience, layer 2 techniques such as sidechains, state channels and payment channels prove to be a good compromise between scale and decentralization.

Smart Contracts and DApps

Decentralised apps may not be the present but indeed, are the future. Starting with a decentralised app does not always work as it needs a community to support it. We address this by building a private chain, to begin with, and move it to a public chain once the community is built.